Lost or Forgotten Photography specializes in bringing you images of the seldom seen. As the name implies, we see beauty in things that most would rather ignore, or worse, run away from. We find beauty in the Lost or Forgotten things around us. Photos of abandoned farm houses, derelict factories, rusted out cars (which in real life are driven by without a glance) grace the printed page in a stunning combination of photography and digital artwork.

Our models bring beauty to oft misunderstood themes also. Be it zombie girls, or dystopian urban warriors. The harsh, grungy and sometimes bloody scenes are seen in a beautiful light.

We have designed multiple book covers, magazine ads, and images for various websites. We have worked with numerous models on these projects, as well as for the express purpose of building their portfolios. Our images can be obtained in the form of limited edition prints, posters, and shirts which can be purchased at our Store.

If you wish to hire us to help you create your vision you can Contact Us here.

"I find the beauty in the Lost or Forgotten things all around us"
George Peyton
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George Peyton is a modern day adventurer, philanthropist and patron of the arts. After founding a successful graphics design company, he decided to turn his attention on the world.

Having founded Lost or Forgotten, his goal add to the beauty of the world by pointing out the beauty in things forgotten and thought to be lost. He also uses Lost and Forgotten to bring beauty to different genres. Horror, sci-fi, and fetish to name a few.

This aspect of Lost or Forgotten allows him to indulge in his passion for those genres. Making appearances at local (and sometimes not so local) conventions and art festivals allows him to not only get his art out in the world, but lets him be a fanboy himself, if just for a little bit.

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